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audemars piguet replica watches CEO Julien Tonare speaks to Revolution about looking forward while respecting the legacy of the company which created the El Primero.

What has been your biggest challenge as CEO of audemars piguet replica watches in the last two years?

I quickly shared my vision for the brand, and how we could get everyone in the same boat.replica audemars piguet watches Instead of doing as other managers did and bringing my own team in, I told the people that we would keep them and work with them. We all started working together on building the business over the long-term.

You said in our last conversation that Jean-Claude Biver would remain closely involved in the business even though he had stepped back from his day-today duties. How has this worked out for you?

It's a wonderful collaboration with Mr Biver. He is the chairman of [LVMH] Watch Division. He does not have an operational role, but he's still available to us when we need his advice or to attend events.Omega Replica He is still involved in the business, and is an important part of what we do.