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The philosophy of Granada Child Care is based on our beliefs that children learn and develop best in a family child care atmosphere that foster self-esteem and self-confidence. Children learn and grow best in family child care setting where planned and child centered activities are developed around each childa€?s readiness skills, language capabilities and interests, all of which incorporate the four primary areas of child development ( social, emotional, physical and cognitive development). Granada Child Care is founded on the principles of child development, learning, and fun and is intended to assist children to develop and grow. Children come to the family care from varied backgrounds at different levels of maturity, with their own unique personality. We believe the children learn through direct participation in the environment. Learning is an active process for young children, therefore, instructions must provide for active exploration, independence, and concrete experiences in rich environment. In this way, we foster social, emotional, cognitive, physical development for all children. Our goal is to create a positive learning experience and to prepare children for a positive future. Our first priority is that each day the child leaves the Granada Child Care with a positive self- image and a good feeling. Parents are the first and most important teachers in their childrena€?s lives. Granada Child care would be the first out of home experience for children, and because of this, we strongly encourage parents to be involved in their childrena€?s development process.

We are located on:
13183 Ingres Ave,
Granada Hills, CA 91344
You can reach us at: 818-366-4952